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12 reasons you should have a Leica Disto

12 reasons you should have a Leica Disto laser distance meter.


  1. Reduce measuring time.  

It's much faster to hold a Disto laser distance meter against a wall, aim the red dot to the opposite wall, and hit a button, than to extend, read, and retract a tape measure.   The longer the measurement, the more time you save.   On average measurements in a residential environment, time savings of 50% to 75 % can be expected. 


  1. Increase measuring accuracy.

Most laser measuring devices are accurate to within 1/8".   All new Leica Disto Laser Distance meters are accurate within 1/16".   The new Leica Disto D8  and Leica Disto D330 are accurate with 1mm, or better than 3/64ths of an inch.   All Disto lasers automatically adjust for the length of the unit, and there is no bow as there is in a tape measure. 


  1. One-person measuring.

With a Disto laser, there is no need for a second person to hold the end of the tape, so one person can easily perform most measuring tasks.  If there is no target to aim at, such as on the corner of a brick house, a post-it note can be attached for a temporary target, or the triangulation method can be used.  (see #8)


  1. One-handed operation.

Unlike tape measures, Disto laser measuring devices can easily be operated with one hand, eliminating the need to set down your notebook,  take the measurement, remember it, pick up the notebook and write down the measurement.   (I often have to re-measure, especially if someone asks a question)   The laser fits in a convenient belt holster, allowing you to hold your notebook, take a measurement, replace the laser in the holster, and record the measurement.   If someone interrupts, the measurement is still on the laser for you to view. 


  1. Safety.

A Leica Disto laser measuring device allows you to measure areas you may not be able to safely access.   Rather than extending a tape measure, you simply aim the laser dot.   This is helpful in situations where the structural integrity of a building may be in question, on steep or wet surfaces, and in areas where there are unfriendly pets.


  1. Cleanliness.

Tape measures drag along the ground or floor, and eventually get wet, dirty, rusty, and laden with potentially harmful bacteria.   Leica Disto laser measuring devices reduce this contact and protect both the user and the items being measured.   


7.    Ability to obtain difficult measurements. 

Measuring a 25 foot cathedral ceiling can be difficult, even with a very stiff tape measure.   Add in a chandelier and some fancy vases, and having the tape bend and fall over can also get expensive.    Simply place a laser distance meter on the floor, aim the red dot at the ceiling, and press the button.   Taking a measurement across a pond, creek, canal or ditch is much easier with a Disto laser distance meter.   Need to know how high some electrical wires are?  


8.     Ability to take indirect measurements. 

Many laser distance meters, including the Leica Disto D5 and Disto D8, and Disto D330 allow a user to triangulate measurements.   Simply put, the user can stand on the sidewalk, aim at the corners of the house, and determine the width of the house.   While this is not as accurate as measuring directly from one corner to the other, when properly utilized it provides a very good estimate, and can also be used to determine heights of buildings.



9.     Check for squareness and parallel.

Most laser distance meters, including the Leica Disto D2, Disto D330 and Disto D5 and Disto D8 will perform continuous measurements, (the distance displayed changes as you move the dot) and display the maximum and minimum distance measured while in this mode.   This allows the user to stand in one corner of a room, scan the dot diagonally across the opposite corner and observe the largest measurement.   Comparing the two diagonal measurements in a room determines how square that room is.   Comparing the minimum distances obtained when scanning two parallel walls at several points will give the user a measure of how parallel the two walls are. 


10.   Determine square footage and volume.

All Disto laser measuring devices include automatic calculation of square footage and volume.   The user simply inputs the width, length, and height if required, and the device calculates and displays the square or cubic footage, as requested.   The Disto D330Disto D5 and Disto D8 also include a room calculation feature that calculates linear feet of wall and square footage of the walls in a room. 


11.   Lighted display     

Rather than trying to extend your tape measure across the insulation and rafters in a hot, dark attic, simply turn on the lighted display, aim the laser and press the distance button.   The measurement is displayed on a backlit screen, visible in the dark.    The Leica Disto D330 turns on the backlight automatically.   Also works well outdoors at night.  


12.   Measuring distances over 100 feet. 

Measuring longer distances is much easier, and more accurate with a Leica Disto laser distance meter than with a tape measure.  Indoor measurements of up to 300-400 feet are attainable without a target plate, and outdoor measurement range to most surfaces is up to 400 feet, when using the newer PowerRange technology standard on the Leica Disto D5 and Disto D8 .    Measurements of up to 650 feet, indoors or outdoors, are possible with the use of a reflective target.   


There are many more reasons to have a laser distance meter.    Top end models such as the Leica Disto D8 have features such as Bluetooth data transfer to send measurements directly to the users software program.     But whether you choose the Disto D8 or a basic homeowner version such as the Leica Disto D2 , a laser measuring device will make measuring easier and more enjoyable.