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DISTO Classic 3

Frequently Asked Questions

General - Laser Distance Meter
... what it is, how it works, applications/uses, advantages, various types and how they differ, basic features and functions, direct and indirect (triangulation) measurement methods, measurement accuracy.

Operation -- Using the Laser Distance Meter
... how to use the Leica Disto measuring devices -- simple measurements, triangulation, addition/subtraction, timer, maximum/minimum, area/volume, MENU key functions, long-range measurements.

Purchasing a Laser Measuring Device
... why purchase a Leica Disto, selecting the right measurement device, specifications, features, accessories, warranty.

Data Transfer with BLUETOOTH´┐Ż
... general Bluetooth questions -- including how to install, system requirements, USB adapter recommendations, Bluetooth connection with a Disto, transmitting measurements, directional keys, selecting/changing measurements, Disto Online software download, PDA/Pocket PC uses.
Click here to download the Disto Transfer Bluetooth Guide

Safety and Certificates
... laser classification, certifications, precautions, warnings, permitted/prohibited uses.

Error Messages

Disto Identification Page
... photos of all Disto models from 1993 - 2006, historical timeline, "The Success Story" of the Leica Disto.