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The Success Story of the Leica DISTO
A revolution in measuring began.  Leica Geosystems presented the first hand held laser meter and was awarded the Batimat Innovation Prize.  Remarkable features of the first Leica
DISTO�-Generation included robustness, reliability and accuracy.
DATA Leica
DISTO� GSI and DATA Leica DISTO� RS232. Exchange of data with electronic theodolites and PCs became possible.
DISTO� was once again awarded at the Batimat and took the 1st place with its BPF1.
Power Leica
DISTO� made long ranges in daylight possible
DISTO� basic. The second generation ? a great leap forward in technology but also in design: 2nd place on SDRC, Germany and again in France the ?Medaille d?Argent? (both designer prizes)
DISTO� memo and pro ? with data storage and application functions. Once again a revolution in measuring. Intelligent measurement with Leica DISTO� memo which has a memory of 1000 measurements. Leica DISTO� pro simplifies measuring with the addition of numerous functions .and high precision.   Leica DISTO� pro, the top product in the Leica DISTO� family of hand-held laser, can be used for direct measurement with internal storage and also for online operation.
DISTO� classic3 ? aim, shoot, measure.   Another breakthrough in handheld laser meters. Following in the footsteps of the world?s leading handheld laser meter, the Leica DISTO� basic comes the Leica DISTO� classic3 . Leica DISTO� classic3 kicks off the 3rd generation of Leica DISTO� products from Leica Geosystems. It retains all the renowned features of the Leica DISTO� basic such as reliability, ease of use and accuracy, but it is smaller, lighter, faster and lower in price. The Leica DISTO� classic� is also extremely robust and water resistant making it ideal for all distance-measuring applications from 30cm to 100m and more.
Again and again: Leica Geosystems sets new standards with an alpha numeric keypad which is a world?s first for a hand-held laser meter. Building on the success of the previous years, the new Leica
DISTO� Generation is yet another milestone. The new Generation consists of four instruments: Leica DISTO� lite, Leica DISTO� classic4, Leica DISTO� pro4 and the Leica DISTO� pro4 a.  A DISTO� Tape model is also produced for Lowe''s Home Improvement Stores. 

Measuring was never this easy! With the launch of the 5th generation Leica Geosystems brings  two new unique products to the market. The "Leica
DISTO� Lite5" and "Leica DISTO� Classic5". Both make it possible for everyone to take a measurement more easily and conveniently than ever before, at the press of a button. Measuring time is less than a second for ranges between 0.2 and 200 meters! While on the "Lite5" every task ? such as the measurement of a distance or the calculation of an area or a volume ? is performed with clearly defined direct keys, the "Classic5" impresses with a Soft-Touch keyboard and a built-in telescopic viewer for convenient remote measurements over long distances.   Leica Geosystems provides the user with a two-year warranty on each instrument.
DISTO� Plus offers accuracy, attractive design and wireless data transfer by means of BLUETOOTH� in one package. The data can be transferred on site wireless to a PDA (Pocket PC) or directly to a laptop.  Two free software programs help to ease your workload. ?PlusDraw? allows you to create simple sketches with the values on the pocket PC. The sketches can be transferred as a graphic file (bmp-file) to the PC while your recorded data is stored in a dedicated Excel file. ?PlusXL? enables you to record the recorded values immediately and directly into an Excel table and to edit them on the PC.  
DISTO� Classic5a: Quick, Accurate, Green! To mark the 10th anniversary of Leica DISTO� hand held laser measurers, Leica Geosystems adds  a special anniversary model to their award winning product range. Based on their most successful laser distance measuring instrument the Leica DISTO� Classic5, the new anniversary model comes with increased typ. measuring accuracy of � 1.5mm. The anniversary model will certainly stand out from the crowd with its new green color, making measuring fun!

DISTO� special - the Special Edition: Leica Geosystems AG, the inventor of the laser distance measuring devices, celebrates the 750,000th sold Leica DISTO�  with a special edition! The special model, limited for this occasion to 10,000 pieces, is in unmistakable Leica red. The Leica DISTO� Special5 stands out through its precision, ease of use and measurement comfort.

Wow, how small: the Leica
The Leica
DISTO� A3 is a revolution in size, handling and user friendliness. The Leica DISTO� A3, an ultra compact laser distance meter. It is the size of a spectacle case, fits into any pocket and yet measures long distances with high precision.

DISTO� A5 includes practical functions that save you time and money when performing everyday measuring jobs.  A compact and handy design, precise measurements up to 200 meters with just a press on a button: the Leica DISTO� A5 sets new standards for laser distance meters in regards to design, handling and user friendliness.

Leica Geosystems has set a further successful milestone ? the first real base model designed specifically for indoor applications,  Leica
DISTO� A2.   The Leica DISTO� plus now has a worthy successor: the Leica DISTO� A6. It combines all the advantages of the well-known device, the DISTO� A5 with the former model Plus.  Accuracy, ease of use, and integrated Bluetooth technology with Disto Transfer software that wirelessly transfers measured values to programs such as Word, Excel and AutoCad. Measuring made easy!