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Disto D5
Disto D5
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The Leica Disto D5 is the worlds first laser distance meter with a digital Pointfinder (4x zoom), large 2.4“ color display and a ± 45°tilt sensor.
The Leica DISTO™ D5 is designed with many functions and features to make measuring easier, especially when you are working outdoors.
  • Digital Pointfinder with 4x zoom
  • Large color display screen (2.4 inches)
  • Inclination (tilt) measurement up to ± 45°
  • Power Range Technology™
  • Rated to IP54 - Splash proof and dust proof!

Digital PointFinder
The integrated digital Pointfinder with a 4x zoom and 2.4" color display makes finding the target at long distances much easier. Its high resolution capability provides a sharp, crystal-clear image, which allows measurements to be taken even in glaring sunshine.

Tilt Sensor
Thanks to the in-built tilt sensor, you can quickly and simply measure tilts up to +/-45degrees. The tilt sensor also allows you to measure absolutely horizontally or measure past obstructions (horizontal distance).

Power Range Technology
The integrated Power Range Technology allows you to measure long distances very simply. Measure up to 330 feet without a target plate, and even up to 660 feet using a target plate, without having to take a single step.

Spot-on measurement
The laser makes it possible! The laser dot is clearly visible, therefore you always know exactly where you are measuring, which is especially useful in difficult to access places. So you can take absolutely precise measurements, even over long distances.

Details displayed
Additional information about the measurements, e.g. room dimensions or angles, is available at the touch of a button.

Outside viewing
The Leica DISTO D5 is designed with many functions and features to make measuring easier, particularly when you are working outdoors. Its large, high resolution color display presents the measurement results and additional information in an easy to read format.

An IP54 rate housing provides protection from the elements and job site conditions.

Indirect measurement
With the Leica DISTO D5 you can also indirectly determine the elevation on inaccessible buildings, towers and other tall structures. Thus the Leica DISTO can be a life saver as well.

Included items
-- Holster
-- Hand loop
-- 2 batteries
-- Manual / safety instructions
-- Producer certificate M in accordance w/DIN 55350-18-4.2.2
-- Quickstart guide

Types of Indirect Measurements

Single Pythagoras measurement (One triangle)
Just two measurements are enough to indirectly calculate the horizontal or vertical distances. It is important to ensure the 2nd measurement is at right angles to the target object, which is easy when using the minimum measurement function.

Double Pythagoras measurement (Adds two triangles)
Using a tripod you can measure horizontal and vertical distances. The Leica DISTO determines the results for you out of three measurements. Functions such as minimum and maximum measurement help you find the correct measuring point. The middle (second) measurement must be perpendicular to the distance being measured, so for accuracy, Distagage recommends using the minimum tracking feature.

Double Pythagoras measurement (Subtract One triangle from another)
With three measurements, you can determine partial heights, e.g. balcony or window heights. This is possible horizontally and vertically. The third measurement is perpendicular to the dimension measured.

Indirect measurements with the tilt sensor
The tilt sensor of the DISTO D5 has a measuring range of 45 degrees. That means with this device even overhead inclinations can be measured. This is especially useful when determining roof slopes.

Horizontal distance
The tilt measurement allows you to determine the horizontal distance, even if the object cannot be directly targeted. This is particularly useful when obstructions like walls or hedges stand in the line of sight.

Disto D5 Special Functions

Trapezoid function
The trapezoid function is used to quickly and safely determine gable end roof slopes and the area of elevations. You only need to take three measurements, and the result appears on the display.

Trapezoid function with tilt sensor
If access to the object to be measured is limited and measurements can only be taken from one position, the trapezoid function can be used to quickly and safely determine roof slopes and frontage areas of gable ends.

Triangle function
The triangle function helps you quickly and efficiently to arrive at the area of a multi-cornered room. Divide the room into imaginary triangles. Then use three measurements to determine the areas of each of the triangles, which you can add together as you proceed. The areas are added together as you go.

Stake Out Function
Two different distances (A and B) can be entered in the device and then be used to mark off defined measured lengths. At each measured length, the display shows the current marking distance and a direction arrow. Additionally, an alarm signal starts to ring at a distance of 4 inches from the next stake out point.

Disto D5 Keypad

1 ON / DIST (On/measuring) button
2 Digital pointfinder - button
3 Timer button
4 Plus (+) button
5 Minus (-) button
6 Area / volume button
7 Indirect measurement (Pythagoras) button
8 Trapezoid button
9 Functions button
10 Reference button
11 Storage/Memory button
12 Clear/Off button
13 Menu/Equal button

Disto D5 Error Codes

Error Code Cause Remedy
156 Transverse tilt greater than 10 degrees Hold the instrument without
any transverse tilt
160 Main tilt direction, angle too high (> 45 degrees) Measure angle up to max +/- 45 degrees
162 The calibration has not been
accomplished on a leveled
surface and the calibration value
is respectively within an ineligible
Calibrate the device on an absolute horizontal leveled surface.
204 Calculation error Repeat procedure
252 Temperature too high Cool down instrument
253 Temperature too low Warm up instrument
255 Receiver signal too weak, measurement time too long, distance > 100m Use target plate
256 Received signal too strong, Target too reflective Use target plate
257 Wrong measurement, background brightness too high Darken target (measure in different lighting conditions)
260 Laser beam interrupted Repeat measurement
Error Hardware error Switch on/off the device several times. If the symbol still appears, then your instrument is defective. Please call Distagage.com for assistance.
Distagage Disto D5 Overview
Leica Disto D5

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